ADMISSION OPEN FOR Class Nursery to Class 9 and Class 11 | Delhi World Public School Malda has been granted its Upgradation to Senior Secondary Level(CLASS-XII)


Nityanandapur, Malda, Pin - 732103, Westbengal

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Message from the Desk of the Principal

Tripping down the memory lane of my childhood days I still find the vivid good old memories of my regular school journeys, the prior preparations, loaded with excitement and again coming back to my Granny’s lap after the school with a bunch of ridiculously joyful episodes of mischief and fun blend with good morale from the teachers. I believe, there was hardly a day when I was reluctant to go to school or ever wanted to miss that unfathomable joy that the campus would gift us.  

. Children are natural learners, adopters of what they believe in and they must be exposed to a social environment that would significantly help them develop their attitude towards the acceptance of real circumstances enabling their psychological growth and this can only be gifted through inclusive education within a school. I feel that home and family has a larger space to nourish and nurture their dreams to guide them towards an enlightening future. What we miss the most today is the pampering of our grandparents, a vacuum that is steadily dwelling in every household almost, the absence of elders from whom the parents need to be guided constantly and the piece of lessons that they lent us from the epics “Ramayana”.. “Shreemad Bhagavad Geeta” and “Mahabharata”... the epics those instilled real values within us, therefore if only both home and the school preach the same lessons then only we can gift a child the best future, modelled with humanity and knowledge. Today, being a parent, I sincerely feel the fact that education, being a matter of self manifestation, must start at home while School is our personality founder and the moments imprinted in achild by the school, stays forever and this is the only reason the more we age, the more we tend to come back to our school, looking for those uncountable memories, more special and more bright. On this note, I sincerely extend my gratitude to every guardian of Delhi World Public School, for the profound cooperation and entrusting upon us your loyalty in shaping the future of your child and letting us keep them happy. 

Delhi World Public School Malda
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